Roanoke Frisbee Disc Association

This is the Information Area of the Roanoke Frisbee Disc Association. The RFDA was formed in 1977 by a group of disc enthusiasts in the Roanoke Valley area of Southwestern Virginia.  The duties of the current club is to organize and hold disc sports events, with the emphasis on Disc Golf. Below are the RFDA Events for 2010. One more note. The RFDA does not allow the use of Alcohol or Drugs at any RFDA event. If you feel you need alcohol or drugs to play disc golf, don't even think about attending our events. 

Disc Golf Events for 2010

Last Updated on April 8, 2010

The Please Take Notice that the events below are ALL tentative dates that may be cancelled at any time. Call our Hot Line at (540) 650-3092 for information on upcoming events.

The following events that are underlined have Entry Forms that may be downloaded or printed on your graphics capable printer.



Date of Event



Dean Miller Memorial Not set as of this time Fishburn Park Results
Worlds Biggest 2010 Not set as of this time Fishburn Park Results
Summer Sizzzle Classic VIII August 2010 Fishburn Park Results
Star City Open VIII September 2010 Fishburn Park Results

RFDA holds their Disc Golf Events at the Fishburn Park Disc Golf Course. The Fishburn Park DGC is a permanent 9 Hole Course, but 9 DGA Mach III baskets are added for events

The Dean Miller Memorial is an event to remember our friend and fellow disc golfer, Dean Miller.

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